Recurring Ride Definition:

A recurring ride is any ride that is scheduled on a consistent basis. For example, if you need your child picked up from a location and dropped off at a location for a consistent scheduled amount of days each week, month or year the ride is considered to be recurring.

Policy for Recurring Ride:

In order for KOTG to schedule a recurring ride, we must dedicate a driver and vehicle for that ride only. This driver and vehicle are committed to that time and place and cannot redirect. Due to the commitment we make for that recurring schedule, it is the client’s obligation to pay for that week, month or year even if the child does not ride for that day or days. The client’s payment holds that recurring ride, driver and vehicle solely for the use of the recurring ride service booked by the client.

Cancelation of a Recurring Ride:

KOTG requires a 2 week notice of cancelation for any recurring ride. In order to cancel a recurring ride service, please send an email to requesting that the service be canceled.

Holiday and Vacation time for Recurring Rides:

Holidays will include all traditional school holidays for example winter or Christmas vacation and spring break. If you do not need a recurring ride during these holidays, KOTG will not charge for the service. If you need rides during any holiday we can accommodate through our Book a Ride services.

Recurring Ride policy also applies to the morning drop off and transportation service.

Morning Drop off and Transportation Service:

KOTG offers morning drop off and transportation to our local schools. This service is considered a recurring activity and will be billed as such. For example, if you sign up for 3 or more days the fee is $50.00 per week. We do not adjust fees for days missed. If you need less than 3 days per week you will be billed at the daily rate of $12.00 per day. See above Holiday and Vacation time policies which also apply to morning drop off and transportation services.

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